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The Rhode Island Philatelic Society -125th Anniversary


One Hundred Thirty Nine Years...and Counting!


On February 2, 2010 the members of the Rhode Island Philatelic Society held its regular monthly meeting exactly 125 years to the day since it was originally charted in 1885. The American Philatelic Society lists the society as the longest, active philatelic organization in the United States.

The Rhode Island Philatelic Society’s celebration began in January with a library exhibit on stamps and the society’s history which traveled throughout the state during the year. On February 2, 2010 RIPS initiated two events at the John Hay Library at Brown University in Providence. A special commemorative cancellation and cover was available in the foyer of the library with a temporary US postal station providing the service. During the evening the society held its regular membership meeting and hosted an open reception on the third floor of the John Hay Library building where a major portion of the University’s extensive philatelic collection is stored. For over 30 years members of the Rhode Island Philatelic Society have volunteered to catalogue, update and prepare exhibits for several world class philatelic collections given to the University by alumni. The plate block, revenue and error collection of Webster Knight, the George S. Champlin international collection and the Peltz and Morriss collections of special delivery stamps each offer great research potential for local collectors. This close bond between Brown University and the RIPS made the John Hay Library a natural choice for both entities to celebrate the 125 year legacy provided by the Rhode Island Philatelic Society.

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